Saturday, December 22, 2018

User Question - Siblings that are Direct Line Ancestors

A Reader Question:
I have both a brother and a sister as direct ancestors of the home person. The program defaulted to the brother with the yellow arrow because he is a 5th great grandparent while the sister is a 6th great grandparent. How can I make both of them as direct great grandparents. With this problem I am unable to do a mtDNA chart of mother to daughter etc.
If you have the relationship correct, they both will appear as "direct" Great Grandparents. 

An Quick Check go to the "Brother" in the People Workspace, Person View, in the right panel, is the Relationship to the Home Person correct? Repeat the same for the Sister, ans is that correct. I am guessing that is how you saw the 5th Great Grandparent (father) and 6th Great Grandmother information came from.

You can versify this when you go to the Tools Menu, Relationship Calculator, starting with yourself as the selected person, (top field) and the "brother" in the 2nd position, and see what the Relationship is between your self and the brother. Then change the brother to the "sister" and make sure that this relationship is what you expect.

A hint may be that when you look at the Relationship field, there may be a (#) after the word Relationship, indicating that there may be more than one relationship going on.

Looking at my own database, I have two brothers that are 7th great grandfathers, both brothers have the "yellow arrow" that you mentioned. That makes me think, that in your case, you are not seeing the 2nd "yellow arrow".

On the surface, this sounds like a data entry / relationship issue within your database.

I looked to see if I had situation like you described and I don't.

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