Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Proposed New Series of Blog Posts

I have decided that I want to help readers of the blog, to be able to find articles on the FamilyTreeMaker.com support page (https://www.mackiev.com/familytreemaker/)

I will gather articles based on the seven (7) Workspaces, Offer the Article and a Link to that Article.

There probably will be some other categories, not specific to a Workspace, that I will also offer. I will probably offer about 5 articles per blog post, but if I find other articles in that same Workspace, I'll update the blog post (creating a NEW blog post, but mark is as an Update) where I will add new articles that I found. 

I will also attempt to show the Date of the Article.

In other words, I am hoping to build a Directory of articles, by workspace, written by Software MacKiev about the Family Tree Maker Program.

Since my blog posts are by Workspace, down the Left Column and the Search box in the Upper Left, you will be able to find My Blog Posts about that Workspace, as well as the Directory of Articles, hopefully, will help find information a little easier.

My blog posts are about how I use the program, and that changes over time, but I want the readers to be able to find what the good folks at Family Tree Maker have to say.

I will attempt to use this banner on this type of post to make it clear(er)

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