Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Reader Question about "emotives"

A Readers Question:

Hi Russ.
I have noted that in FTM 2019 there are 'emotives' next to some of the names in the people work space. These 'emotives' are hearts, squares, etc. Can you explain what they represent and how do you add or remove them. I cannot attach a screen shot , but you can clearly see these 'emotives' in some of the FTM instruction video's on the web.
Here is a link as a good example:-
Sorry, have no clue what you mean by "emotives". I have NONE. I did look at that YouTube Video and still don't know what you mean.

There are HINTs, both from Ancestry and from FamilySeach, but they were there in previous Versions of Family Tree Maker. The FamilySearch Hints came with FTM2017.

I haven't blogged about the hints, yet, but will in the next day or two.

Sorry. They are not part of FTM2019 that I have seen.


UPDATE: This question should be posted on that You Tube Channel. It is NOT part of the Family Tree Maker program nor a feature of it.
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  1. Comment from an email, about this Blog Post:


    Having a quick look at the video, especially in small window, the "hints" and "colour coding" indicators might appear to be emoticons (referenced at emotives) . Especially since the reader notices "squares" which are likely the FamilySearch hints and "hearts" which on quick glance could be the red colour coding circle as seen the video quoted.

    Keep up the great work.


    ==> Thank you Larry.

    If the reader was talking about what you suggest, which may be true, We have had Hints for a very long time, many versions, as you well know, Larry.



  2. The video also shows hearts after the names - no doubt added by the user individually?

  3. I think the question writer might be referring to the pedigree in the video where there are hearts next to some of the names. It is in the great-grandparent section of pedigree. I have seen people use hearts/emojis to indicate lines of descent in their online trees. If someone downloads their online tree, those hearts might be transferring from there.

    1. Kathleen,

      Not seeing it. Not seeing it in FTM2019.

      OR are you taking about someones Ancestry Member Tree ?


  4. Comment to ALL:

    My suggestion is that you ask the owner of that YouTube video what that is.

    To my understanding and what I have seen in Family Tree Maker, that is something that is NOT Standard.

    As you (all) have suggested, that icon, on the Name Fact, was added in the Ancestry Member Tree and downloaded.

    I haven't seen it, can't address this issue. Make the comment or ask the question on that video.

    Thank you,


  5. The hearts are used by some on Ancestry - some put a specific color of heart on each of their great grandparents to visually indicate a family line when looking on a pedigree chart. The heart is an image (found via a Google search for heart images) that is saved on your local PC, then copied and pasted into the Suffix field of the great grandparent's name. When that tree is synched with FTM, it loses the color and appears only as black or gray. In FTM, the same type of thing can be done but in a more robust manner with the FTM Color Coding, but FTM Color Coding does not sync back to Ancestry.
    I hope this helps.

    1. Bill,

      Thank you.

      I will not be blogging about this.



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