Saturday, December 3, 2011

File Sharing and Brick Walls - Part 17 - Merge Clean Up

In File Sharing and Brick Walls - Part 15 - Merge Files

I mentioned an issue that needed to be addressed. When merging files, that have a common source, there may be duplication of information in the Notes section for a person. (People Workspace, Person View, Notes Tab.

The two files that were merged in Part 15, came from a common source, that is Randy's main file. A review of the Notes of each person, I found this. (as an example)

The information in Red is a duplicate of that in Blue. So any one that was in both files and have notes, may have this duplication of information in those notes.  Each of these notes will need to be edited to remove the duplication.

A Custom Report for everyone with Notes can be created to identify people with Notes. The problem in the custom report is that Fact Notes and Person Notes are included in that Custom Report.

Going back to that Merge Screen, talked about in Part 15: (below, left column, either To Review or Merged), a review of each of them against the Custom Report will show whose Notes need to be reviewed for duplication.

This is not a new issue when Merging files.

Lesson Learned: Review the Notes for each person involved in the merging of two files.

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