Thursday, December 8, 2011

FTM2012 Patch - New Feature - Ancestry Media

 FTM2012 - Version

With the recent patch for FTM2012 there were several new features added. Here is another one of them.

Option to include/exclude Ancestry media in synced trees

Prior to the patch, Ancestry media file were included in the TreeSync™ feature. Some more extensive Ancestry Member Trees (AMT), the downloading of the media files could be time consuming. We we now have a new option.

From the Plan Workspace, the pull down menu to the right of SyncNow, Options, has some new choices.

Clicking on Sync Options will present you with:

With the Check Mark, as see above, the Citation Media files will be downloaded when the Manual Sync is done. 

Copyright © 2011 by H R Worthington

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