Tuesday, December 20, 2011

FTM2012 Web Search on Family Search / Web Clip

What if, you want to search on another website, such as FamilySearch.org.

Select the Person you want to do a search for, and go to the Web Search Workspace:

Normally, the Ancestry.com Search screen will be presented.

In an earlier post, I provided instructions on how to add a Personal Favorite Site: Adding LiveRoots.com Search Engine

For this case, I added Family Search and it's URL familysearch.org

In selecting Family Search, I am taken to the Family Search website, where information in typed in.

I entered William Knapp. The nice thing about this screen, is that in the lower left corner is some data about the person I am searching for.

In order to trim down the results, the Birth Year of 1700 was selected. (Birth years were in 100 year intervals). Death Year of 1800 (again 100 year intervals) and that the sex is male.

Scrolling down the list of hits, one was my person. Am able to check a couple of items, right from that screen to know that this IS my person. Clicking on that record shows additional information.

Now, how to get that information into Family Tree Maker.  The Web Search Workspace, in the Lower Right box, has a Web Clipping feature. This is where you select data and create information that will be merged into Family Tree Maker.

The above in in the Lower Right box. Hovering the mouse over that 1st ICON on the Right, and clicking on that ICON will Enable the Clipping feature.

Once it is enable, you hi-light (drag your mouse across) the Name, in this case. With the Name selected this window will open where you select that type of information that you have selected. In this case, Name.

You then go to the next piece of information you want

Will select the Death Date, and in the pop-up window, select Death, Date.

Other items were also selected. But want to point out that somethings there will be another window that opens. I wanted to capture that he was a Shoemaker. Selecting Shoemaker the only Fact that is offered is Other, and will want shoemaker into the description field.

 Here is where the other window appears. It will be a list of Facts in your file, in this case, Occupation is that Fact.

So now the Shoemaker information will be in the Description field for the Occupation Fact.

As you select these fields, they will appear in the lower right box. This is where you can compare this new information against the data in your existing file for this person.

Once this is reviewed, then you click on the Merge ICON.

You now will be presented with the normal Web Merge Screens, where you can further define what you want included in the Merge.

I noted that in the third choice, the Shoemaker description was going to be discarded. I don't want that information to be discarded. I had a date and locate in the Left Panel (information in my file), but in the Family Search screen, it only provided the occupation. So, I need to change Discard to Alt. That is done with the pull down menu on the right end of Discard.

The Next button will provide the Merge Summary.

Merge Now will complete the transaction.

Returning to the People Workspace, Person View, we can review what was just done.

The birth date and location is hi-lighted above, and the Citation is in the RH Panel.

Copyright © 2011 by H R Worthington

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