Monday, April 28, 2014

Email Template and Citations

FTM2014 - How I handle Emails

The link above is a short video on how I handle Emails. What I failed to do, was to get into details of the Data Entry for a properly (I hope) formatted Citation. The appropriate format is described in Evidence Explained 1 in QuickCheck Model on page 113 Personal Files & Knowledge, 3.42 E-mail and instant messages. 

Sometimes it takes a couple of minutes to "fill in the blanks" in the Template to get the Reference Note in the correct format. 

To get here, as I showed in the Video, I typed EMA for the keyword search for Personal Email.

Here are the fields and the information I put in them.
Source Template: Personal E-mail
Collection [ First and Last Name of the Email, adding "Collection"
Researcher surname: Worthington
Researcher forename(s): Russ
Researcher e-mail address
Researcher address
Researcher location[(E-Address) & Street Address for private use,] Hackettstown, NJ
Writer surname: [ sender ]
Writer forename(s): [ sender, full name ]
Writer address:
Writer location:
Writer contact: [ email ]
Recipient surname: Worthington
Recipient forename(s): Russ

Source Comments: 
(Citation detail:) [(e-address for private use) ]; dd month yyyy; " subject "
(Citation text:) date and time of email
In order for the Reference Note to have the right format, I added the information in red in the Researcher location field.

The Source Comments information is my reminder of what to put in the Citation detail and Citation text fields. I then can copy and paste that information into the Citation details field on the next screen.

The Text of the Email, as shown in the video, will be pasted into the Citation Notes.

I don't have the email with the subject at the moment, but will add the Subject line of the email in this Citation.

Here is what that Reference Note looks like:
David Reed, Washington, D.C. to Russ Worthington, e-mail, [(e-address for private use) ]; 06 January 1999; " subject ", David Reed Collection; privately held by Russ Worthington, [(E-Address) & Street Address for private use,] Hackettstown, NJ.
I should also note that the Zip Code is not included in the Template screen, as it is not called for in the Reference note. If you compare this against Evidence Explained, I think it is pretty sure. Will probably post this into the User Form on the Evidence Explained website.

Mills, Elizabeth Shown. Evidence Explained: Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace. Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Pub., 2007. Print.
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