Friday, April 18, 2014

The Report Worked the FIRST time

Release of New Records - I want a report

My last blog post gave me my list of 8 people who I should look for when the Pennsylvania records were released. Finally had a minute to talk a look. 

I thought I would look for the person from whom I picked up my middle name. I put in the name that I knew and only the state of Pennsylvania.

In this case, I didn't even put in the date. I usually put in the date, but wanted to do a compare and contrast for this.

89 hits. Too many. Because I didn't use data, the sliders were not helpful.,I went back to Edit my search, and put in his birth and death date to see what that looks like.

There he is at the top of the list.AND I found his middle name. How good is that !!!!

Will have to take a look.

Happy Dance !!
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