Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Release of New Records - I want a report

So, an online database is releasing a new set of records for Deaths that occurred in Pennsylvania between the years 1906 and 1924 and I want to be ready. How do I generate such a report?

Go to the Publish Workspace, selected Person Reports, and Custom Report and click on the Create Report button.

Then click on the Items to Include menu in the Right Hand Panel and UNCHECK the Preferred Only box. That is because you want to make sure that you pick up all death dates.

Then click on "Selected Individuals" Then click on Filter IN.

This will bring up what to Include. For this case, it is Death FACT, Place, Contains Pennsylvania. It's important that you have the Place Names resolved so that the State spelling is consistent.

Also, make sure that Alternate facts is checked.

This will give a list of EVERYONE with a Death FACT in Pennsylvania

This has 162 people in it. Now to Filter OUT everyone who died BEFORE 1906.

That got me down to 54. Now to Filter OUT everyone who died AFTER 1924.

That got me down to 10.

The hi-lited name has no death date, which is why it is on the list.

Then Filter OUT Death DATE is Blank.

Now I have a report to run when the records are released.
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