Saturday, July 22, 2017

Color Coding - End of Line - Not Direct Line

The earlier Color Coding, End of Line blog post was for my DIRECT Line and I used the Filter Feature to do that. But did NOT include 2nd marriages. I only wanted to mark those direct end of line ancestors.

The result of that, is that when I use the Default Filter Feature, I get to see those 2nd marriages.

There are two 2nd marriages on the Left. I can tell because there are NO Color's to the right of their name. They are my Ancestor but by marriage. The arrow points to that fact that this person was married twice.

As a follow up to the earlier blog post, you can easily see the End Of Line Ancestors as they have two colors. The Line Color (on of my grandparents) and an End of Line color.

Liking this feature a lot

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