Thursday, July 20, 2017

Photo Darkroon

Photo Darkroom is a new feature in FTM2017. It will allow you do make some adjustments with an image in your Media Workspace, Detail View.

Just below the Images is the button for "Photo Darkroom"

This will open a simple photo editing tool on the left, where you can adjust the contrast

Hovering over the ICONs on the left you will see what you can do.  "You may click the tool several times to enhance the effect" for example.

There is a drop down arrow (just above) what will give you some sliders that you may also use. You will notice below that the image is different. If you look at the slides on the left, it was a little extreme.

You can move the sliders around so that the image is the way you want it. Below, I manually returned the sliders to 0.

 You can click on the ICONS, in this case the 3rd one and adjust the sliders as well

The image is now worse.

BUT, there is an Undo button that you can undo your last change, but you can also undo a number of changes.

There is another View, the one that I use, where you can have the Original on the Right, and the "proposed change" on the left. On the bottom of that image is two boxes, one for one image, like the ones above, or two images, below. That way you have a better idea of the changes you have made.

Also, the Revert to Original option.

This Photo Darkroom feature is in addition to the photo editing feature that is already part of the Family Tree Maker program.

Suggestion: This feature is one of the reasons I always use a COPY of the original media file, when I Add a Media file to my database. If I mess this image up, using this feature, I can always bring in a fresh COPY of my media file.

Copyright © 2017 by H R Worthington

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