Friday, July 21, 2017

Reader Question: Custom Report

A Reader submitted this Question:
I have a custom report that shows all the individuals who are also listed in find a grave, I would like to add a web link to that page to the report, the help says you can do this, but there is no process that shows how to add it, when you "create a Report"
I have a number of Blog Posts on various uses of the Find-A-Grave website. This question is a little confusing for me, and why I haven't blogged about this specific use of a Custom Report. One with links.

Lets break this down a little. First, I would not consider a Link to a Website in a Custom Report. Custom Reports are for People having an event or fact by time and /or place.

To me, Links to websites are part of a Citation. Where did I get that information from? is what the Link provides to us. For me, links in a report would not be helpful, because, in most cases, you can't click on them in a report.

Having said that, if you create the Custom Report that you want, add the "Include Sources" option in the Items to Include list.

You will see the Citations at the bottom of the page. But, you would have to have the Link is the Web Address in the Citation screen, and include that URL in the Citation. I do NOT include any URLs in my Citations. The Source Template feature allows for the publishing of the Web Site address, like

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