Sunday, July 23, 2017

Color Coding - End of Line

For a long time, I have wanted to look at the Index of Names and be able to Identify the End of Line Ancestor. That is, the farthest back in one of my grandparents line. Color Coding has done if for me.

I have selected the Home person, the Color Coding ICON and selected 4 colors

So each of my grandparents has a different color;

  • Paternal Grandfather = Blue
  • Paternal Grandmother = Red
  • Maternal Grandfather = Yellow
  • Maternal Grandmother = Green
Since all of my direct lines are marked with a color, I can come down the index of names select them and see if that person has any ancestors. If they do not, I clicked on the Current Person and marked them each with a color I probably wouldn't normally select.

These two people are End of Line Ancestors and both will have that pink, BUT will also have which of my grandparents they are end of line for. In this example, the first color is Blue, so this is the end of line ancestors on my Paternal Grandfather.
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