Wednesday, July 19, 2017

FamilySearch Hints

One of FTM2017's new features is the ability to see Hints from FamilySearch, similar to what we have experienced from Ancestry.

In the Plan Workspace, upper right corner you will see where you can Login or Logout of either Ancestry or FamilySearch. In this example, I have already logged in.

So I can log out. The usual Ancestry ICON, and the new FamilySearch ICON.

In the People Workspace, at least the first time, you will see:

The usual Login Screen from FamilySearch. Please read the choices and login. The you will see:

This is turning on the Auto-Search feature to FamilySearch. Again, read the fine print and make your choice. There is a FamilySearch Privacy Policy link that you should read.

Once that is done, then you will see Hints, like you see hints from Ancestry.

It's the blue square to the right of the Ancestry Shaky Leaf hint.

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