Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Source Usage Report

After doing some data entry from Family Tree Maker 2009 - Web Search #1, figure 15, there was a delay in getting back to completing that project. Needed to look at what I had entered from that print out. The Resource, Print would provide what had been done.

Figure 45

Clicking on Sources (#1) brings up the list of Source-Citations that have been entered. Selecting the Print (#2) button brings up a small window with "Print Source Usage Report", with the first Source-Citation (#3) hi-lited, brings up this report that can be printed.

#4 had Hiram Deats hi-lited. That was important for this, as it refers to the print out from Figure 15. #5 point to the full reference note.

What is hi-lited below is all of the Fact data that has been entered, including the names. The rest of the Figure 15 printout work can be completed.

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