Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Add Unrelated Individual

In the 1860 Census, the Hiram Deats Household included a couple of Unrelated Individuals. Specifically, Ann Johnson, who was a servant. (see Websearch #1, figure 15). To do this you first click on People, and select Person.

Figure 50

In the People, Person menu, click on Add Person, Add Unrelated Person. Figure 51 is the Pop Up window that will open,

Figure 51

Enter the Name, and in the "unknown" menu, select the sex of that individual. After clicking OK, the People, Person screen will be as follows.

Figure 52

#1 reflect the relationship between this individual (Ann Johnson) and the Home Person, Hiram Deats. In this case there is no direct relationship (that is known at this point) between the two. The 1860 Census indicated that Ann was 25 years old at the time of the Census. This would make her birth date about 1835. That is entered in the Right Hand (RH panel) and once entered will be reflected at #2.

Continuing with citing the Source, the #3, New Source, is clicked, using an Existing Source-Citation in the New menu, the Source-Citation window is opened #4, and the first item is the Source-Citation is selected as it was the Hiram Deats household in the 1860 Census. This it talked about in the Source-Citation blog entry.

Figure 54

(note: there is no Figure 53)

The complete listing is above. #1 is the name, hi-lited in grey in the Left and name in the tree in the Center Panel. #2 again reflects the relationship with the Home Person, and #3 shows the birth year.

How to add an Unrelated Individual Knowledge Base Article

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