Monday, October 20, 2008

Add FACT Information

From the Web Search #3 Screen, it was noted that Hiram Deats was listed as a Foundryman. To include this Occupation FACT.

Figure 46

Clicking on the Green Plus sign (#1), will open a new FACT Pop Up window, where you will use the scroll bar
[#1] and select the fact to be added. In this case, will select Occupation.

Figure 47

This will open a new FACT form in the Right Hand (RH) Panel.

Figure 48

Typing [#1] in the date (for the Census year), then start typing the location, Franklin, please note that the Franklin information will be filled in, for be selected.

As to the Source-Citation [#2] the New, Select Existing Source-Citation, and the 1860 Census for Hiram Deats will populate the Source-Citation for that FACT.

Figure 49

The completed FACT entry is above.

More on Editing Information for an Individual can be found on the Knowledge Base website.

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