Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Family Tree Maker 2009 - Websearch - Manage Favorites

If you have been following this Blog, in the order posted, you may recall that additional information is needed for Hiram Deats, of Hunterdon County, New Jersey.

Family Tree Maker Version 2009, has a feature to allow the User to add websites to Search from. Figure 36 has links to the program provided website. We users, may have other Subscription or Free Websites that are our Favorite search sites.

Figure 36

To Add to the Personal Favorite websites, click on New, and a window opens, where you can Paste the URL (Internet Address) into the top field, and enter the Web Site names that is meaningful to you.

Note: It is suggested that you actually go to the website and Copy the URL (Hi-lite the link in the Address field in your Brower) and hit the Control Key and the Letter C. (CTRL+C) into the URL Address field

Figure 37

The Manage Favorites button will allow the user to sort the Favorites.

Hi-lighting the Favorite in the Left Hand Panel, will take the user to that website. A Log In may be required to that website.

Figure 38

The difference here is that the Name would need to be typed in, as Family Tree Maker does not populate the search for fields.

Figure 39

As with Ancestry.Com results, selecting the result(s) of interest.

Of interest here, there are a couple of stories in the articles above. 1) Hiram's father, John Deats, is mentioned as having a Patent, and 2) A sad story about a Son being killed. (Two - ToDo Items here for follow up)

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