Saturday, October 4, 2008

Census Search for Females

A Websearch for any Marriage Records for Hiram Deats provided 3 results. (#1). Rebecca Deats was reflected in the 1860 Census Record in Web Search #1, Figure 15 is appears that Rebecca Higgins is the wife of Hiram Deats. Further documentation would be required.

Figure 42

Note #2 indicates that there is NO Web Merge for these three records. They will be manually entered and sourced.

Entering Rebecca Higgins into the Spouse of Hiram Deats and performing a Web Search would return no valid results, as the Last Name box in the Search field has Higgins in it. The Marriage Record (Figure 42) indicates the marriage in 1838, so in 1860, she would be a Deats.

Figure 43

Typing over Higgins with Deats returns the same record that is in Last Name return the 1860 Census. Figure 41 shows the Web Merge Screen.

Figure 43

#1 is the Name Fact in the Family File. Preferred is selected, but can be changed. Will keep that selection.

#2 is the Name what comes from the Web Merge and marked as Alternate Fact. Will keep that selection. Some of us prefer to record what is found in the record. Deats is what was in the record, but it is Not the birth surname.

#3 indicates what the Name Facts will look like following the webmerge.

The webmerge is completed, screen shots from an earlier post.

The other names in Web Search #1, Figure 15 will be entered to complete this household as of the 1860 Census.

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