Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Family Tree Maker 2009 - Task List

In the Web Search #1 Blog, there were two hits / listings for the 1860 Census for Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Both listed Hiram Deats, born about 1810. That was the only information known at the start of this project. The previous blog shows how to perform a Web Search and Web Merge or another result on the initial list of hits.

This Blog will show how to create a Task List or To Do List. At the top of the list of results are seen in Figure 33:

Figure 33

Both results look similar. When looking at the 1860 Results screen, clicking on the View Image or details of the household (Figure 15) did not show or indicate the relationship between the Head of Household and the member of that household. Since, at this point, the Spouse of Hiram Deats is unknown, it is difficult to really determine which results was this Hiram Deats. Both hits were in Hunterdon County, both were born about 1810 in New Jersey. Not to want to complete the Web Merge with having enough information, but not wanting to ignore or overlook this result, AND not having enough time to do some more research, a Task, or To Do entry is created as a reminder.

Figure 34

Returning to the People, Person page and clicking on the Task button, opens a new screen in the bottom part of the center panel. Clicking on #1 (New) opens a New Task for .... (in this case Hiram Deats). A reminder of what the task is about is entered into #2. In this case, "Identify which of the 1860 Census results is This Hiram Deats" was entered. The Priority of the Task can be assigned, and an assigned Due Date can be entered, AND the task can be assigned a Category. Knowing that there may be more than one category going forward, one is created or selected. Not having any categories created yet, The Edit (#3) was clicked, which opened another window, Category, opened. Having none there, the Add (#4) button was clicked. "Follow Up" was entered. Clicking the OK on that screen created a new Task, for the Plan screen the next time Family Tree Maker was opened. It serves as a reminder that this needs to be resolve before the correct 1860 Census record could be entered.

Figure 35

This is the Plan screen that is the reminder, for Hiram Deats, to identify which of the 1860 Census record is the household that includes Hiram Deats.

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