Thursday, March 22, 2012

Duplicate Place Names

When doing a Web Merge, there are times when the Place Name provided by do NOT match the Place Name Authority in FTM2012 (and earlier versions). So, you end up with Duplicate Place Names, one of which is NOT resolved.

Go to the Place Workspace and here is what you will see:

 You will see the duplicate, the first one has the Unresolved ICON, the other does not. Selecting the "resolved" place name, you will see the GPS information in the upper right area. What needs to be done is to Replace the Unresolved Place Name with the Resolved Place Name.

Select the Unresolved Place Name (with the ICON) and Right Click on that Place Name and  window will appear. Select Replace With Other Place Name ....

The next window will open, where the Unresolved and the Resolved Place Name, and others from the Place Name list are displayed, and select the Resolved Place Name. This is Usually the one with the Country Name, in this case USA.

A "Are you sure" window will appear, where you would select, Yes.

 The Place Name is Resolved and the GPS information is now shown.

 Lesson Learned: Clean Up after a Web Merge is suggested


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