Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Family Group Sheets - Which Template

 I have a number of Family Group Sheets in my collection from various family members. Question: Which Family Tree Maker Template do I use? (Evidence Explained! Templates)

At the moment, I have them all over the place, but many family members. So, here is how I selected the Template:

In the Source Workspace, selected New, (upper right of the screen capture), Selected New on the next window, and started to type "fam". Three character Keyword search will bring up a list of options, and selected Family Chart or Group Sheets.

The Compiler is the person who created the Family Group Sheet, so that information is filled in (this example the name and address has been blanked out). The Collection, is my Surname Collection, and the Owner, is the Compiler. The Current Address is entered. 

If the person has an email address, I entered that into the Comments field.

Because these specific Family Group Sheets were numbered, I entered that information into the Citation Details field [ Family Group Sheet #1 ]. The Citation Text has the Name of the Person, whose Family this group sheet is for.

Looking at the Source Group list, it's easy to identify the Source for these Family Group Sheets, both from the Source Group Listing and from when selecting a Source and Citation when adding a Fact Citation. Hovering over the Source list, will show that this is a Family Group Sheet and who the compiler was.

When I make changes or look to make changes, I look to see what the Output looks like. This is the Source Bibliography Report, showing how this change will show up in the Bibliography.

Each compiler will have their own listing by their Surname.

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