Saturday, June 9, 2012

How to get Family Photos into a Family Group Sheet?

How to have a Family Photo into a Family Group Sheet?

I have a photo of my Grandparents:

I would like that photo to be on their Family Group Sheet.

First, the photo my have links from the Photo, to the people in the picture. My example is only two, but if the photo had an entire family, the same steps would need to take place.

Go to the Media Workspace and find the photo.

Now select the Details Tab.

Notice that there is only ONE link from that photo to a Person.

Clicking on New, Link to Person, will allow you to add other people to that Photo.

You then Enter the Name (Surname, Given Name). Selecting the Name, and have Link to Person Only.

This will now add(Link)  this second person to  that image.

Going to that Person, this picture will be in the Media Tab for that person.

Going to the Publish Workspace, Relationship Collection, Family Group Sheet, you will see that there is NO Family Image at the top of the Family Group Sheet.

On the Right Hand Panel, is a Family Picture pull down menu. The Image that was just linked is now listed and can be selected.

Now the Family Group Sheet has this Family Photo.


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  1. Wow...I didn't even know this feature existed. I have a "famous" picture (at least to the genealogy nuts in the family) for the family that I work on the most. I'm going to have to try this approach for that family!


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