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Response to a comment from FTM2012 Research Notes Options

 Response to a comment from FTM2012 Research Notes Options.

Yvette has some great comments, and I wanted to make them more visible and to be able to answer them with some Images. Can't do that in Comments:

I'm planning on using the citation notes for personal use only, to contain a copy of the information I used. For example, if I create a citation of a Find a Grave memorial, I'll copy the text of the page into the citation note. That way I can always check back what information was there when I used the source. I do not like the Page Archive function as that still references resources on the original site that may not exist anymore when I need to recheck the information.
Each of us needs to look at how WE want to handle each situation. I've shared my experience with Find-A-Grave.

How I work with the Burial Fact

In that blog post, I Copy the memorial information into the Find-A-Grave Fact that I created. I have that FACT marked as Private, but I can always "Included Private Facts" in a report that I have. I found the the Citation Note is too hidden.

Here is an example of what I would put into a Citation Note:

Source Information: Web: Kansas, Find A Grave Index, 1854-2011 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2012.

Original data: Find A Grave. Find A Grave. accessed 23 February 2012.

All data in this third-party database was obtained from Find a Grave. does not support or make corrections or changes to the original database.


I can refer to this information, when creating my Citation for this specific example.

The Reference Note for this Citation is:


Russ Worthington, "Find-A-Grave", database, Find A Grave ( Helen Adele Strode Entwistle (1894-1985 ) - Find A Grave Memorial# 50314294.


The Citation Notes are accessed in the Sources Workspace, and access to that, when working with the Citation is right there.

The details from Find-A-Grave, in the Find-A-Grave Fact Note is:



Helen Adele Strode Entwisle

Birth:     Jun. 24, 1894
Death:     Apr. 14, 1985

Family links:
  Thomas Lee Entwisle (1891 - 1973)

Helen Strode Entwisle - 1894 - 1985

Birmingham-Lafayette Cemetery
West Chester
Chester County
Pennsylvania, USA

Created by: Russ Worthington
Record added: Mar 27, 2010
Find A Grave Memorial# 50314294


I can control when and IF I want these notes printed, but I have easy access to this information on the People Workspace, Person View. The above information in to the right of the FACTs for this individual to make sure I have recorded what I wanted to.

My real transcriptions are all in Dutch so they would not be very useful.

A translation of an actual transcription:

13 december 1653
Herman Stoffels and his wife Hilleken ten Borninckhave, Jan Carstkens Pleckpoel as husband and guardian of Martina Stoffels, Herman Stoffels and Jan Carstkens also on behalf of Hendersken Stoffels, their sister and sister-in-law, Berndt Eckerfelt and Derck Claessen as chosen and accepted guardians of Maria Janssen, widow of the late Berndt Stoffels and their children Grietken and Johan Stoffels, as heirs of the late Mechtelt Lammerts, widows of Stoffer Stoffelsen who declared for themselves, their wards
and heirs, that they have sold for a well paid sum of money for ever and irrevocably, to Margaretha Schmidts, widow of the late Herman Nachtegall and her heirs, their house as it is situated between the aforementioned buyer, Johan Corts and the late Jan an Basten's houses with all its old rights etc.

(BTW, this Hendersken Stoffels was the mistress of the famous Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn. Her brother Harmen, the first person in this document, is an ancestor of mine)
So, the question becomes WHO is this information recorded on. Everyone, or one person.

For me, I create a Citation for where this information came FROM, and put Citations on each person's name that is listed and any FACTS that I choose to record for the individual peopls.

For example:

 It's difficult to see on the screen, but the Hi-Lighted items in this Newspaper Article have been entered as Military Service Facts, with the Newspaper as the Citation.

By doing this, this becomes data entries in his TimeLine. His wife is listed, she will have a Citation for her Name and other facts from this newspaper article about her.

Normally, in this example, I would probably use Preferred Facts ONLY, but would include the Person Notes.

I use the Facts for features like TimeLine data, and more for my own information. When sharing, I would normally just use Preferred Facts.
Since I'm working on a population reconstruction of the entire region, all 19 people mentioned in this transcription are in my database. I do not want to copy the transcription 19 times but I do want to be able to access it from all 19 people. And I don't have just the one document, I've got 50 years worth of transcribed records of this town and 50 years more in digital photographs still waiting to be transcribed.
You are right about copying the transcription 19 times.

A thought for you, as in my Civil War case, is to create an Unrelated Person for the Transcriptions, then use Facts and Citations for the people involved.

The 2nd American Civil War Blog Challenge - and FTM2012 Timelines

 I created a Unrelated person, who is the Military Unit for my  Great Grandfather.
In reality, the text will be in an old form of the Dutch language that is not easy to read for a modern reader even if it's transcribed. Unlike English, the Dutch language has changed a lot since the 17th century. It's not quite as bad as reading Anglo-Saxon for a current English speaker but it's worse than Shakespeare.

In fact notes, I typically want to enter readable text that is fit to go into a report for general reading.

Based on your own advice elsewhere on this blog, I'm first thinking about a strategy on what I want my data to look like, so I haven't got a sale event yet. Maybe a 'property' event would be more appropriate, listing the fact that somebody owned property in a specific place at a specific moment in time. In this example, ideally I would like to create a property event that is shared between the children and grandchildren that are mentioned as heirs of the mother, because they are the joint owners in this sale.
I have Property Facts, as my early Maryland Ancestors "named" their properties. Some of those properties were willed to the next generation or another family member.

Shared events only apply to two people, currently in Family Tree Maker. Their normal use is in the area of Marriages. In my case. the Property was owned by various member of the family, but not between Two People. Usually one person owned it, willed it to another or others, each then would have the Property Fact, and usually with Dates. So, that date ownership can been seen, if the dates were known and recorded.

Besides the Input and Output of what is recorded, I take into account where will I need it. Such as the Citation Notes. I need them with working with my Citation. Fact Notes, are nice to be available when working with Fact.

The Person Notes are the "stories".

Thank you for your comments.

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