Saturday, June 9, 2012

Missing Census Records

There was a question on the Message Board about Family Tree Maker. It was about a Report to show what Census Records that the user might have missed.

It should be noted, that I record Census Records using the Residence Fact. What I did was to create a Custom Report (Publish Workspace, Person Collection, Custom Report)  and have three Items. Birth, Residence, and Death Facts.

In the Items to Include ICON (first ICON in the Right Hand Panel), those are the Facts Selected. For this report, the order of FACTs are Birth, Residence, and Death. For each Fact, I made sure that the "Include only preferred facts" was selected.

Each Fact was selected and that Facts OPTIONS were checked. The Exception is the Residence Fact, where the Preferred Only check mark was removed, as I want to see ALL Residence Facts.

This is the report that was generated. It's very clear that  I am missing the 1910, 1920, and 1940 Census. (Yes, I have manually search for this record in the 1940 Census, waiting for California to be indexed.

The 2nd person (Sarah), is only missing the 1910 Census, as she was born in 1891, found her in 1900, but she died in 1920.

Ulysses was interesting, and since he was in the report, I included him. Born, just before the 1880 Census and died later in 1880, but made the 1880 Census.

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