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Media Information - Filter In / Filter Out

I have posted a couple of blog entries on the use of the Filter In and Filter Out feature for Media Information. It took some testing to figure out how the Filter feature worked with the Media Information as the criteria.

List of Burials without Headstone Images - revised

and an update:

FTM2012: Filter Out Media - a learning
Here is how it appears to work. The real trick is what is that Media File "linked to".

My normal way of using a headstone is link it to the Citation. So, its a Citation Media file. With the use of the Caption, the filter will pick up the Text in the Caption. I have the Name of the person, in the Caption, with Birth and Death Years.

Anna Worthington Highley (1920-1986)

Any of those words (characters) will be found in the Media Information.

I my case, the Description field, for that Media File, had the words "Find-A-Grave" in that description. Because that Media file was Linked to the Citation, the Media Information would NOT find "Find-A-Grave".

However, IF I link that Media file to the PERSON, in addition to the Citation AND the term "Find-A-Grave" is in the Description it will be found, because the Person's Media file has that search string in the Description field.

Initially, I had not wanted to have the Person's Media file to have the Headstone. In addressing this specific issue, I have changed my mind (for now). That is, I will include a Link from the Media file to the Person.

To show that this works, I added the term "Find-A-Grave" in the Description Field for this media file AND Linked it to the Person (this specific one does NOT have a Citation)

The Filter In > then looks like this:

Other is selected, then Media Information in the pull down menu, Contains Find-A-Grave

The results are:

This is the only person that I have marked this way. Based on the Testing, this will work as long as the Media Description has the search term (Contains) AND that Media file is linked to a Person.

This is the People Workspace, Person View, Media Tab.

To complete this process, I am going to Link my Headstone Images to the Person(s) who are listed on the headstone. Then I can change the Contains Find-A-Grave to Does NOT Contain Find-A-Grave.

I will ensure that the Citation for these headstones have "Find-A-Grave" in the Citation.

Lesson Learned: More information on how the Filter In and Filter Out feature works.


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