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List of Burials without Headstone Images - revised

Question: "Does anyone know of a way to create a report that shows all burial data and then filter out the ones that have media attached to them? I want to get a list of open cemeteries that I need to get pictures of gravestones. I tried the custom reports with the filter in all burials with data in the description(that works!!) and then filter out the ones that have media data attached.....that does not work??"

The question is Timely as I have been working on my file, on this same topic.

I'll start by creating a report of everyone,  who has a Burial FACT, what includes a Media File. (Image of a headstone)

Go to the Publish Workspace, Person Collection and Custom Report.

For this report, since the question was "cemeteries that I need to get pictures of gravestones", that suggests the Report would be BY Cemetery, the Person in the Cemetery.

First I named the report "Headstone Media Report", then selected the "Items to Include" ICON.

The report I am generating, is based on the fact that I have a number of towns, or places, where there are multiple cemeteries where I have ancestors. To do that, the Items I want to include are: Burial, Name, and PersonID. That is the Burial Fact, the Name of the Person, and the Person ID. Reason: I may have, and do, have multiple people, with the same name buried in the same cemetery and the PersonID will show the specific person I am looking for. The order of the list of Facts are important, for grouping by Place and Cemetery.

NOTE: I record the Place Name, and the Cemetery Name is in the Description Field.

The Sort order is by Burial Fact PLACE, then Burial Fact DESCRIPTION.

And example of the Report is below:

So each PLACE, which can be filtered later one, is grouped together, then within that PLACE would be the multiple Cemeteries within that PLACE. Then the Name of the Person, and the PersonID.

Now to reduce the number of people in the report. Select "Selected Individuals" and a new window will appear. This is where you "Filter" people in or out, so select Filter In >

The first will be do Filter In EVERYONE who has information, any information, in the Burial Fact. Burial is in the All Facts selection, Burial from the pull down menu of Facts, and "Any Data" from the second pull down menu, and select EXISTS.

This will move everyone with a Burial Fact into the Right Window. Too many, 429.

EDIT: After further testing, the information below, does not work in this specific case.

We now will Filter OUT, everyone who already has a Media File associated with the Burial Fact. (That is where I put headstone pictures)

Selecting "Other", the Media, and Exits, will < Filter OUT anyone with a Media file, from the Right window, reducing the number of people in the report.

NOTE: This Filter WILL Filter OUT every one with a Media File. So, it may remove too may people. I'll post a follow up post with the ability to Identify those you were removed, in error.

Still too many, 479 to 372.

I only want people who are buried in Pennsylvania.  So, we'll  < Filter OUT burial Facts that are NOT in Pennsylvania, or Any Fact Places, that Does Not Contain Pennsylvania.

This gets the number down to 74

 Here is the final report.

 This example has two cemeteries grouped and listed.

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