Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Week Without Challenge

My friend Bill West made this blog post and challenge the other day


I like his idea, but more specifically what he has suggested in what you do in the mean time. Or what to do while you are not using for that week, or as Michael John Neill suggests, a month.

Taking the time to clean up your database, using other web sites, Google Books, are great ideas.

I am, and have been for the past months, going back and doing just what you have suggested. Two major areas, Cleaning up my Citations to bring them into the Family Tree Maker template feature so they are Evidence Explained format. I have been blogging about that.

I have used another genealogy program, Evidentia! and have blogged about it in another blog

I mention this, because it is Evidence based and you start by really looking at your research material. For me, it was relooking at what I already have and taking the time to Cite my sources correctly. A couple of examples of taking this time are here.

That last one, I had nicely cited, but in reviewing the citation, I realized that there should have been two images.

As I am teaching at two local adult care centers in my area, I have shared with them my search strategy. In one case, I am doing a "Who Do You Think You Are?" type of class, BUT they get to help me with the research or final product. The real life version of WDYTYA. 

Because I use FTM2014, have an Ancestry Member Tree (AMT), AMT's in my clase, I am very closely linked to BUT, I also use the other suggested sites that Bill West talked about.

As the image at the top of this blog post shows, I have 6,000 hints to work on. One at a time, gives me a little more information to fill in missing information. However, doesn't have everything. Many times I find information on Ancestry, but need to look elsewhere to help fill in the blanks.

Unless Bill West will allow me to use the two weeks last year that I didn't have internet access for this Challenge, I'll have to postpone the Challenge until this summer, when our grandkids come to visit. Afterall, he didn't put a time frame on this Challenge.

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