Friday, March 28, 2014

Family View - Version 16 and FTM2014

I must be missing something. A long time user of Family Tree Maker much prefers the "old" screens vs the "new" ones.

I thought I would check the difference out, since I have reinstalled Vesion 16 my Windows 8.1 computer

Here is the Family View in Family Tree Maker Version 16

The same family in FTM2014

What is in Red is the SAME information and format as Version 16. However, I can see three more generations of Ancestors, making the Navigation so much easier. At least for me.

The only difference between the data in the two screens is that two people died between the last time I updated the Version 16 file and the FTM2014 file.

I find the navigation around FTM2014 so much easier, far fewer mouse clicks, but that's just me.
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