Saturday, March 22, 2014

FTM2014 from FTMM-3 File Exchange

I haven't blogged much about Family Tree Maker for the Mac, because it's more difficult for me to do good screen captures, etc., but I am working on that issue. Until the most recent version FTMM-3, the feature set was behind that of the PC version (FTM2014) and it's been that way since the Mac version came out.

However, that has changed. The feature set between the two versions are very close. From what I can tell it's more about how you do some items on the Mac vs how you do the same thing on the PC. The Mac is not my strength.

There is a feature of Family Tree Maker for the Mac, version 3 (FTMM-3), that really needs to be talked about. That is the ability to exchange a file from the Mac to the PC or the other way around. Prior to FTMM-3, there was a migration tool, that allowed you to migrate a file between the two application. That has changed.

In FTMM-3, I went into File, Export, to Export the complete file, and Saved it into Dropbox that is on my Mac. That creates a .FTMB or a Family Tree Maker Back Up file that is user created.

When the Dropbox notification appear on my PC, I opened FTM2014, did a File, Restore from Back Up, selected that Mac created back up file,  and FTM2014 opened that file without any problems at all. The file had Media files that came over correctly. So far, I have not been able to find anything that I hadn't expected to see.

So, we can seamlessly open a file created on the Mac (FTMM-3), on the PC in FTM2014. Using Dropbox made the transport of that file effortless.
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