Tuesday, March 25, 2014

FTM2014 - Saving Web Address not associated with a specific Citation

I was listening to Crista Cowan, the Barefoot Genealogist, on Ancestry.com a few minutes ago and realized that I haven't brought up this topic before. I like it went I can have links to my Citations and do that every time I get a chance. I have blogged about  that, in most of the Citation blog posts.

BUT, we have another way to record web addresses (URL)'s that my not be for a specific Citation.

I found a book on Google Books and I want to have a link to the book in my family file.

Colonial Mansions of Maryland and Delaware

 By John Martin Hammond
There are a number of pages about a number of families in that book. For Example, John Brice is mentioned. The book doesn't say John Brice II, but based on the information in the book, it's my person.

Here he is my my Family File, People Workspace, Tree View.

I go from the Tree View to the Person View.

I click on the Web Links tab, and select New.

That brings up this window.

Were I enter the URL (Copied from the Google Books Item, and Pasted into the Web address field.

I then typed in the Title of the Book.

Clicking OK, the link and the title are in the Web Links tab.

To go to the Website, I click on the "globe" ICON

Which takes be back to the Google Books Item that I am referring to.

This specific book has an index with links from that index to the specific chapter I want to have linked to John Brice II.

Here is a picture of the house, from that book, where John Brice II lived. I have actually been to this house.

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