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FTM2014 - Image Citations

I recently made this blog post:

FTM2014 - How to include a 2nd Image for a merged Record with two pages.

But I have one more step for ALL of my media files or images. That is to put a Citation "on" them. I want to be able to look at a Media File (image, picture, census record) and see where I got it from and any other detail. I also want to be able to view that "citation" in my Ancestry Member Tree (AMT).

In the Sources Workspace, I have selected the 1870 U.S. Census for Maryland, Baltimore County. I have selected the Citation for the Record I was looking at. The Citation detail is combined with the Source Template and presents the Reference Note.

But, there are two Media files. The one on the left says 1870 Federal C and the second one has some random filename that came from

None of that is very helpful for me.

I need to do two things to both of these images. I had put them into the Census Category in the Media Folder, as I showed in the above blog post, but I can do better AND then include a Citation with that image.

There are two items below that are important for the next step. The first is the Reference Note, and the Media Detail ICON. I want to Copy the Reference Note (my good citation) and use that in the Media Detail Screen.

If I Right Click in the Reference Note and use the Select All, then Copy that text, the Citation will be in my computer's Clipboard.

In the above image, the COPY text will become active and I will right click again and click on Copy.

Back to that tool bar, I will select the Media Detail ICON and the image will open.

I will select everything in the Description box on the right, and Paste (CTRL+V) the Reference Note that is in the Clipboard. You can also Right click on the Hi-lighted text and select paste.

The Caption is the way I want it.

1870 Federal Census Record for William Howard - Page 1

The Category is Census - Citation

(That category was created to remind me that I need to put a Citation on that image. The filename is the format I want.


Now the Description has my Citation. I clicked on Edit to the Right of Categories and put this image into the Census Category, as it has a Citation.

To the 2nd page.

Selecting the Media Detail for this one, doesn't meet any of my standards. The Caption has no meaning. If you look closely, the Caption and the Filename are the Same, and not helpful at all. Both need to be changed. The Category is right but the Description is blank. I will have to rename the file so that the Filename reflects the 2nd page and the Caption reflects the 2nd page.

Remembering that I still have the Reference Note on my Clipboard, I will put the Citation in the Description box. (CTRL+V)

I will also replace the Caption to:

1870 Federal Census Record for William Howard - Page 2

Clicking on OK will take me back to the Source Workspace, where I will Right Click on the 2nd image and it will allow me to RENAME the file.

 I will rename it to:


Here is the final Media Detail for the 2nd page:.

All is well within Family Tree Maker but, what about the AMT?

Here is that image in the Ancestry Member Tree.

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