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FTM2014 - How to include a 2nd Image for a merged Record with two pages.

 In an earlier blog post: 

FTM2014 - What goes where in a Source Template?

I had this in the Citation Details field.
Baltimore Ward 11; Page 79 and 80;  dwelling number 436; family number 546; Lines 39 and 40, 1 - 6; William Howard household; Image: 83; Family History LIbary Film: 552075; accessed 01 Jul 2011
That indicated that there were TWO (2) pages or Media Files (Census Images). In this blog post

FTM2014 - Webmerge, Citation Clean Up 

Only ONE media file was included in the Web Merge. One of the reasons for spending time with the Citation (Citation Details) is to pick up the fact that the Household was on two pages or two Media files. That is probably a negative for working with the Household and a Citation. The next step is to go back and get that 2nd image.

In the Sources Workspace, and the Citation for that Census record, in the bottom right is a View Source Online. This is where that link comes in very handy. There is another link in the Web Address as well, but I really like the View Source Online. That tells me that I used the Web Merge feature in Family Tree Maker and that it wasn't a hand entered Citation.

This will return me to the Source in a browser window. Since I have the information I need or want, from the first time I looked at the image, I clicked on the View Original Image link.

At the bottom of this image is the image number and arrows that will let you go back an image or on to the next image. I want the Next image.

I verify that my household is on lines 1 - 6 and see that I am on the next image. I had also verified that I was on the correct page number from the Citation, in the upper right of the image.

At the top of the image is a Save button, clicking on that will allow me to Download that image to my computer.

 I note the filename of that image, so I can find it on my computer. That isn't hard because I have my default download location in my Browser to be a Download Folder on my computer

The media file is now on my computer in the Download Folder.

Back to Family Tree Maker, still on the Citation, I click on the Media Tab, and the New button to add that new media file.

I navigate to my Download Folder and select that image I just downloaded

An window opens to ask what you want to do, and into what category do you want that media file to be put in.

I use the COPY option for two reasons. 1) all of the media files into ONE Folder that I have in my Family Tree Maker file, and 2) I have a back up of that file, that I will move to a Surname folder, elsewhere on my computer. I will deal with that later. The "Link" option just creates a link that media file. If you were to Move that media file, Family Tree Maker would loose the link to that media file.

Note: If I were to share this file, and had to use the GEDCOM option to share, I could Zip the Media Folder where all of the media files are for this family file, send the GEDCOM and the Zipped file to the other person. The GEDCOM had links to those media files, so the receiving genealogy database management program could open the GEDCOM file, and the Zipped file gets unzipped by that person, the file and media files would be in that other program.

Now this Citation has both pages of that Census Record.

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