Thursday, May 3, 2012

1940 Census - Summary of Work

A month's worth of work has been completed, following the release of the 1940 U.S. Census. I thought that I would make a summary of what I was able to find in these Images.

I ended up with:

6 New Sources. That is Census Records in 1940 by Location. Or 6 Counties where I was able to locate and identify people in my file

23 New Citations. That is really 23 Households that I was able to find, just scanning through the census images

92 People in my file, were listed in these Households

2 of the 92 ended up with the Supplementary Question list (see below)

The people per household averaged 4 with a range of 2 to 9.

I documented 719 Facts, many were new, some were additional citations on information already in my file.

One of the 2 "special" people was a Student, which confirmed what I already knew, but the 2nd person, a female, now has a To Do List item. Find that extra Child. I know of 2 children, but the answer to in column 50 was 3

These numbers do not reflect information that was gathered from previous census records that I picked up during this past month.

I should mention that all of the Facts have been documented with, my understanding at least, the correctly formatted Citation. Oh, and it's all in my Ancestry Member Tree that is in Sync with my file on my PC.

Lesson Learned: It was certainly worth the time and effort to Manually Scan through these images and not wait until they become searchable. I was (almost) amazed as to the number of households that were on the SAME Page, on the Census Record.

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