Thursday, May 24, 2012

Customized View for a Person

As we work with the Family Tree Maker program, using the "default" settings, we may want to see additional information. This is especially useful in the People Workspace, Family View, and when we select a specific person, we want to see more information.

This is the People Workspace, Family View. Remember that the Workspace is the Orange button at the top of the screen. Each Workspace as one or more Tabs, or Views. The Default for the People Workspace, is the Family View.

Selecting anyone on that screen, will put additional information about that person in the Right Hand (RH) Panel.

Its just some basic information.

Suppose you want to have more information in that RH Panel. Let's say, the Burial Fact, where you would record where someone is Buried.

At the bottom of that panel, is a Customize View Button. a pop-up window will appear. At the top left is a list of Individual Facts, bottom left is Shared facts. The right has the existing Individual and Shared Facts that are being displayed.

We are going to select the Burial Fact and click on the Right Pointing Arrow. That will put the Burial Fact into the Individual Facts for that person.

Then click OK.

But, suppose I want MORE. The process is repeated, but without clicking OK each time. You just put each fact into the Right Hand side of the screen with the Right Pointing arrow.

Below, I added Education and Military Service. The Burial FACT was between Death and Education, so using the Down Arrow, on the Right, I moved the Burial Fact. I could have done the same with the Death Fact. I would have put the Death Fact between Military Service and the Burial Fact. You control that.

The resulting screen now looks like this.


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  1. Great tips! Thanks a lot for this.

  2. Russ, Is there a way to customize the facts view for one particular individual, example Jane Doe? If I add an Individual Fact, for example "award" to Jane Doe's Selected Individual Facts it also appears in the individual facts of everyone in that tree (in their Right Hand Panel, Family View), which I don't want. I think it's just my wishful thinking:-)
    Thanks, Donna Hague Wendt

    1. Donna,

      No. This Customize feature works for everyone. Remember that you can always click on the Person View, to see the Facts for that person.



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