Wednesday, May 16, 2012

FTM2012 - Patch 580 - Calendar Report

Just received a notification of an update to FTM2012, bringing the version up to, in the Help, About Family Tree Maker window.

Calendar Report:

Added option to adjust font size (five predefined sizes)

There had been issues in this are in the past. One was the number of individuals that could find into one calendar day. From what I can tell, this resolves this issue.

 The font sizes are as seen above. The default is Medium. I looked at my Calendar for May, and only found ONE person. Looking at the above, I had Immediate Family selected, I should have had at least two people. Wondering what was wrong, I checked the Calendar Options. (first ICON on the Left, just above the word "background". I notice that I had a check mark in the "Include births and marriages only if still living". I removed the Check Mark.

Now the calendar looks better. I played around with the Font Sizes to make sure I had everyone listed on this Calendar, and I do. The font size was set to Small, and the 31st has everyone listed.

 There are other options for you to review, including color options. This blog post is only showing the Font Size option.

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