Tuesday, May 1, 2012

To Do / Task List

I may have posted about this before, but I will do it again.

This is a follow up to: 

Family Tree Maker 2009 - Tasks

Very little has changes from that Blog Post. This is an update / reminder on how I am continuing to use this Feature.

I normally don't like To Do Lists. But I have found that I can't live without it. Too much "stuff' to remember "to do". For example, I have about 3 people that I wanted to locate in the 1940 Census, but they were not where they  "should have been". In one case, I think it's a matter of the Enumerator miss recording a household. So, I want to "remember" to wait until the Indexing is complete for this state, and let the Web Search engine find them.

There are lot's of options on how you want to use and manage the To Do or Task list.

I keep my general notes or project Tasks as Hi-Priority. Normally all at the top, so they are obvious to me. The Middle Priority are for People. The missing 1940 Census people are listed there. These Tasks are created from the People Workspace, Person View.

I make the Low Priority, the tasks that I have completed. They are marked as Priority, but I don't delete them. I want to make sure I don't create a Task that I have already created and completed.

The Task or To Do list is in the Plan Workspace, right there when you open the program.

This is part way down my 300+ ToDo List. It marks the difference between my Hi Priority Tasks and the Middle Priority Tasks

You can see the Name of the person with the Task, in the lower part of the screen. Selecting that person, and clicking GoTo, will take you to that person. Very handy.

You can create categories that meet your need. For example: I have a Clean Up category, a Locate Source Category. Most of my Clean Up are hi priority right now, while the Locate Source was created when I found someone were a Fact didn't have a Citation.

This is find and dandy, but some times I want to print a sheet, and Check things off as I go. Will enter the completion later.

Going to the Publish Workspace, Person Collection is a Task List Report.

 As with most reports, there are options. Information to show, or not to show.

This piece of the report is must like the view in the Plan Workspace, that is the Hi and Mid priority settings. The Clean Up report that I created has fewer items showing my the handy Check box to mark up when I am done.

Back to how I marked my missing 1940 Census person:

In the People Workspace, Person View, near the bottom is the Notes, Media and Task tabs.

Clicked on New and a window pops up, and I entered my To Do list for the 1940 Census that I am missing.


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