Friday, August 6, 2021

FTM2019 - Remove Media files from an Ancestry Member Tree

Ancestry had made some changes to their Terms and Conditions on the Website that impacts me,  and probably everyone else, we read what had been provided.

The Legal Genealogist blog is on MUST READ blogs, as I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV or on a blog. The bottom line for me, is that I have less than 30 days to remove my Media Files from the website, on any of their properties, including an Ancestry Member Tree (AMT). I probably have 3,000+ images, in my master file that needs to come down.

Another MUST READ Blog is Genea-Musings. The author expresses his concern and plan of action.

This Video explains how I intend to remove my Media Files from the AMT.

Ancestry has updated their initial change.

Making Our Terms and Conditions Clearer: Modifications to our August 2021 Update (05 August 2021)____________________________________________________________
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  1. Cousin Russ, I'm just starting out using Family Tree Maker, but my question is: when i add new pictures and notes to Family Tree Maker do i need to do this every time before I sync to Ancestry or is it a one time thing?

    1. Michelle,

      Yes, when you Add Media Files (yours, not what you may have merged from Ancestry). and the Person Notes tab, make them Private, if you do NOT want them to appear in your Ancestry Member Tree.

      Its your choice.

      Hope that helps,


  2. With all due respect, aren't we hurting our ancestry community by taking our ancestry media, stories, and other documents down. How will we be able to network and share our ancestors items in the future?

    1. Kay,

      How many of YOUR photos, have ended up on another Ancestry Member Tree withOUT YOUR permission to use it ?

      How many Photos, in your AMT came from another AMT ?

      In my database, I have many, many photos that came from somewhere, not mine. I want to see them, but I mark them Private.

      I do have a way to let someone visiting my AMT that I have a Photo for that specific Profile.

      I am certainly willing to Share my research. If someone were to ask to see a photo I might have, I'll share in a minute.

      How many BOOKS have your created ? I have about 15 that I have shared.

      How many Blog Posts have you made, sharing your research ? I have a blog, not this one, just for the purpose of sharing.

      So, I do NOT think I am hurting anyone. But, that's just me.

      Each of us has to choose.

      Thank you,


  3. I don't care if others usemy pics or info. I thought that sharing is what it's all about.

  4. I'm all about sharing pics info etc. I don't have a problem with others using my ancestor photos. Isn't that what having an online tree is all about?

  5. Thanks so much for your insight. You make some very good points. Would you mind sharing your method for letting others know that you have a photo for a specific profile? I think that is the part I am missing in the greater scheme of things. By the way I really appreciate all the time you are taking to help to negotiate through these new Terms and Conditions.

    1. Kay M,

      In the Tree Settings, Tree Info. I have this, in the Tree Description

      Also, Look for a "Photo" FACT, with indicates that I have Photos for that Profile.



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