Monday, November 14, 2011

Civil War Map

As a follow up to: Military History in FTM2012 I wanted to map out the 2nd Regiment Infantry, Maryland during the Civil War. I have the dates and locations of the Battles that they fought in, and wanted to get an idea how far this Infantry traveled.

The first step is to go to the Places Workspace. In the Left Hand (LH) Panel, under Places, there are two choices. 1) Places, and 2) Person. The Places is the default settings and will show on the map where the place is that is selected in the LH Panel. In this case, I want to see where the "person" had events (or Facts). So, in the pull down menu, Person is selected.

When Person is selected I scrolled down to Maryland, 2nd Infantry in the LH Panel. In the Right Hand (RH) Panel, is a list of Places that are listed with Facts for that person. In this case, none of the boxes were selected, as normally Birth, Marriage, and Death Facts are checked, so I put a check mark in all of the Military Facts that I had inputted into the file, based on the Regimental History.


The above doesn't look very good, because it was zoomed in pretty close. Using the Minus (-) sign in the upper left of the Center Panel, I zoomed out to get the map I wanted.

The squares indicate the locations of the various battles that they fought in.

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