Friday, November 25, 2011

File Sharing and Brick Walls - Part 4 - Person Review

On to the People Workspace, Person View. Just want to see what is in the Home Persons record. As a review, the right side of the list of Facts, are 3 columns of Numbers. The first column is the number of Citations for that Fact. The second column indicates if that fact has any Media Files, like an Image of a Census Record. The third column indicates if there are any Notes for that Fact.

What is Missing, here for me, is that there is no indication about who provided me with this file, the Facts that were provided in the file, so that I can see later, what I provided. In this specific person's file, there are a couple of Zero's in that first column. It may be that a Citation was not put the Name Fact, or Sex Fact. Not important at this point.

Two other issues, and they are only issues for me, is the Birth Date being 1775, and the spacing in the Person Notes at the bottom of the screen.

When I see Year Only Dates, I choose to make that Abt. YYYY, or Abt 1775 in the case. This becomes a little more important, again this is for me, to see Abt dates for Birth, Marriage, and Death Dates.

The extra spacing in the Notes aren't very important, but they will in the future. That spacing, from what I have seen, is caused by the construction or reading of the GEDCOM file.

ToDo List: 

Add a Source of the person who sent me this file, and a Citation for Each FACT that is included.

Add "Abt" for Birth, Marriage, or Death Dates.

Clean up the Spacing in the Notes for Individuals with Notes.

I blogged about the ToDo / Task list already, but for this series, I'll be more specific for this file.

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  1. Re: Clean up the Spacing. This is a real problem if you gedcom a large file with many long Notes from RM4 to FTM. The clean up is enormous. Wouldn't it be nice if the programmers could solve this annoyance?
    I guess I am asking for a "Slightly Better Gedcom" while we patiently wait for the elusive BETTER GEDCOM.

  2. John,

    BetterGEDCOM isn't even going to address this issue, from what I have seen. The same issue goes from FTM to RM4 or to Legacy, or to The Master Genealogist. From what I have seen it's how "long" strings of text are put into the GEDCOM or read from the GEDCOM.


  3. Russ:

    The extra spacing in the notes is caused because your version of FTM implemented the CONC tag incorrectly.

    See "CONC Me On The Head" -

  4. Louis,

    Thank you.

    The implementation is in the reading of the GEDCOM and not handling of CONC correctly, right?

    Congratulations on the release of Behold !!!



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