Friday, November 25, 2011

File Sharing and Brick Walls - Part 6 - Abt Dates

FTM2012 - Index of People Report (edit)

In the above blog post I talked about how to use the Index of People Report to edit information already in their record. That same process will be used here to take care of the Abt Dates for Birth , Marriage, and Death Dates. Again, this is my preference, to have something stick out in areas where there is work to do. The option would be to make a To Do list for everyone, but after thinking about it I chose to use the Abt term for these three dates. We have options, and this is the one that has worked for me.

So, to the Publish Workspace, Person Collection, selected the Index of People Report. Reviewed the list, and selected the first person with a year only date.

I selected Aube, David, and double clicked on his Name. You will note, that only the Name will bring up the next screen. On this screen, you can edit the Facts as presented, and in this case I am adding Abt in front of the Date (YYYY).

I had already updated the Birth fact and have selected the Marriage Fact and added Abt there too.

The final result is.

This process was completed for everyone in the file in less time then it took to create this blog post.

Again, this is my preference for handling this situation. The goal here is to help break down a brick wall.

However, what I am posting here, is how I would normally handle my own data, as well as looking a data BEFORE I would consider merging this data into my own file.

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