Saturday, November 26, 2011

File Sharing and Brick Walls - Part 10 - Burial Fact Report.

In the continuing effort to clean up this file, the Burial Fact "problem" was identified here:

File Sharing and Brick Walls - Part 9 - Burial Fact

The problem now is to determine how much work is this and is it worth the  time to clean this up. For me it is, especially so that Cemetery locations and what information might be on a Headstone may be important in breaking down a brick wall. (probably not in this case) but the family patterns might be important. The Cemetery Report that was mentioned in that lost blog post is nice in that you can see multiple cemeteries based on the Place Name.

Need another Custom Report to see what work needs to be done. Will go to the Publish Space, Person Collection, and select Custom Report.

The first ICON in the Right Hand Panel, left end of that panel is the Items to Include ICON. Clicking on that will bring up the Items to Include Screen. In this case, the "default" Fact, Birth , Marriage, and Death facts will be selected, but will add Burial. To the right, the Fact Notes are checked. So, if there are any Name, Birth, Marriage, Death, and Burial Facts that have NOTE's will be included in the Report.

It may be overkill for this issue, but, I want to see all of the notes. In order to see the Notes in the  Fact information will be displayed.

The above example show some additional Notes, which is why I made the selections that I did. May have to review other facts later on, but this is still in the Clean Up mode.

This report was 7 pages long, but I know who I have to look at a little more closely for this, not so obvious, information.

Since this report appears to be of use, I want to Generate this Report later on to see how the Clean Up is doing.

With the Report still on the screen, looking in the RH Panel, far right ICON, is the Save Report Option. This will save this report in the Saved Report Menu. I named this report "Custom Report for Fact Notes, and the report name is in the bottom field, and added to the list of Saved Reports.

Lesson Learned: If you create a Custom Report or any Chart or Report that is helpful, use the Save Report Feature. 

Note: if Selected Individuals are part of the set up of the Report, remember to bring up again,port again, and re-do the Filtering that was done the first time. The key for me, is in the Naming of the Saved Report.

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