Friday, November 25, 2011

File Sharing and Brick Walls - Part 5 - Task List

In Part 4, I left us with a couple of Tasks.

ToDo List: 

Add a Source of the person who sent me this file, and a Citation for Each FACT that is included.

Add "Abt" for Birth, Marriage, or Death Dates.

Clean up the Spacing in the Notes for Individuals with Notes.

Part 5 will show how I will track this work. The first two a generic across the file, while the 3rd item, only impacts those persons with notes.

Going to the Plan Workspace, Current Tree, most of the bottom part of the screen is for the Task List / To Do List. Clicking on New, will bring up a screen where you enter the information about the task. Will use the wording above.

Over time, putting Tasks into Categories may be helpful. For this example, will create a New Category or Clean Up.

It should be noted that the placement of these screens are not what you will see. They have been moved so that that various screens can be seen at one time.

The first generic Task has been entered and the next one, will only have to select the Clean Up Category and select it.

OK, to the third Task, I will specify the people that needs to have their Notes Reviewed. Since I have only looked at one person, will select him, and add a Task to View his notes for the extra Spacing.

The starting point for this is, on the People Workspace, Person View and selecting Tasks. The next screens are the same.

The End Result adds this person's task to the Plan Workspace, but with his name.

By selecting that line, and clicking on Go To, you will be taken back to that Person View in the People Workspace.

 One of the features of the Task List / ToDo List, is the ability to prioritize them. I added a Task for our Home Person 'to find his parents', which is the Brick Wall, and that the Spacing Issue isn't that important at this time and will be a little time consuming. So, I lowered it's priority and put the Finding the parents in a higher priority. So the new Plan Workspace looks like this.

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