Saturday, November 30, 2013

FTM2014 - Clean Up Research Notes

I posted earlier: FTM2014 - Why are Research Notes Private ?

Now to clean up "the mess". Not really a mess but thought I would share HOW I made sure that all of my research notes are marked as private. In reality, this review also made sure that I have Research Notes for everyone. (That is the intent of the file I am using for this blog post)

When I start this review, I would create the report, return to the People Workspace, select the "next" person from the Index on the Left, then select the Person View to make my changes. 

Then I remembered that I could access that same information from the Report itself.

Publish Workspace, Person Reports, Notes Report, as described in the last blog post (link at the top of the page) and selected All Individuals, No Check Mark in Show Private Notes and had Research Notes selected. 

18 Pages of people where their Research Notes were NOT marked private.

Selecting the Name (double clicking) will open the Person Edit screen.

From that window I selected Notes, then the Research Notes ICON, and clicked on the Private Notes ICON.

This allowed me to see everyone's research notes and that they had one, and make them private at the same time. Clicking OK at the bottom of that window, returned me back to the Report AND that person was removed from the list.

That's what I wanted. An Empty Report for Unprivatized Research Notes. I saved this report in the Saved Reports list as part of a series of reports to be run from time to time.

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