Friday, November 15, 2013

FTM2014 - Thought about Shaky Leaves - Status

You may remember that I have been working on a project, based on Randy Seavers
CrowdSourcing Opportunity: When and Where did John Louis Powell Die? Blog post

I then posted FTM2014 - Thought about Shaky Leaves and FTM2014 - Thought about Shaky Leaves - Follow up

Since I started this project, I wanted to help find that answer to Randy's question. The simple answer is that "It's NOT All Online". But, since I started, I really wanted to see what I would find if I started just capturing the "low hanging fruit" from and the Shaky Leaves.

I thought that I would submit a process report:

My small file has grown a bit. One Shaky Leaf led to another, and pretty quickly there was an Index hint to a Find-A-Grave memorial page. I have had a Find-A-Grave presentation that I have used for a while, and have two more chances in 2014 to do it again. So, I decided to see what Find-A-Grave could do for this project. The growth in people, came from Find-A-Grave. But, so has the number of Hints to follow. I will get back to them in a couple of days.

Of the 206 people in the database, I have 66 Death Dates, and only 15 people that I haven't found (yet) on Find-A-Grave.

The good news is that of all of the FACTs in this file, the Undocumented Fact reports that I have there are NO facts without documentation. All of my Research Notes for each person is up to date, but my ToDo List is up to 94 items, and growing.

But the really cool thing about this is that through Find-A-Grave, I would be able to contact 2 living contributors to this family for Randy, if his friend wanted to do this. These two people submitted or are maintaining 38 Find-A-Grave memorials. Watching what was on the Memorial and some of the comments, two obituaries on the memorial page led to these two living people.

I did take a break and found two more generations of people in the Direct Line for John. The Ancestry Member Tree is private, but Randy has access to it if he wishes to view it.

Now back to research and updating of my presentation. Thanks Randy !!!!

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