Friday, November 15, 2013

FTM2014 - Web Merge - Do I have the Right Family ?

Here is a helpful trick, I think.

I have been developing this family but haven't found them in the 1940 Census. The Shaky Leaf showed up on the wife for the person in question. I did have the family in the 1930 Census so when I found the wife in the 1940 Census, I wanted to check. I brought up the result pages, looked at the indexed page, to see if was worth looking further. There is the Trick within FTM2014.

This is in the Web Search Workspace, I have selected the Wife, as that was where the Shaky Leaf led me. I clicked on the down arrow on the Right End as this is the only Child that was showing. That brought down the rest of the children. I can see the husband in the center.

With that view I can see that I have the right household. The ages look about right, or as close as you can get with Census Records, only showing ages. The last child is NOT listed, because she is only 8 in 1940, so would not have been in the 1930 Census.

Not a new trick but a very helpful view as I try to confirm family make up.
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