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Recap and What to do with Comments

I thought it might be worthwhile to RECAP this series of Blog Posts on Collaboration between FTM2014 and an with a colleague, researcher, and Genea-Blogger Randy Seaver. I encourage you to visit his blog for his view on this topic. He also has a series of blog posts.

In addition, I have added a couple of Videos in the Training Resources Tab under the list of You Tube posts by Dear MYRTLE of
So far I have talked about how this project started, with a blog post by Randy and what I have done with this project.

I should mention, that the email I received was a notification from to my email address associated with My invitation to Randy to this tree was using  his Username. So, this communication was not done using our individual Email Addresses, although that is also an option. Suppose I didn't know Randy, but found him online with an Ancestry Member Tree (AMT). The connection can be made by using the Username associated with that AMT. I blogged about this: FTM2012 - Invite to Onliine Tree

The last on that list talked about a Comment that Randy had posted for one person. Actually that was the second one, but I want to try to explain "now what?". What do I do with that comment?

It started with an Email, my looking at his comment and then thanking him for the comment and that I would follow up on what he said. Actually he, in the one brief comment, has at least 3 items for me to do.

Here are the comments for this person:

The text isn't as important as the Tips for Comments on the Right:
  • Comments can be seen by anyone who can see your family tree 
  • Comments about people in your tree that appear to be living are hidden (unless you have given others permission to view living individuals in your tree)
  • You can delete comments others leave on the tree
  • You can edit or delete comments you leave on the tree
  • The tree owner will be notified by email of each new comment added
That was the main reason for me to suggest we use this method of updating this AMT.

The first thing I did was to add this item, as I saw them, to my Task List. Although they are for specific people, I want them in the High Priority List so that I address them.

I typed them in, and marked them as Follow Up, High Priority. I have to see them each time I open the file.

Earlier, I talked about Citing my Sources. I consider this comment and my three Tasks as an "Email" / communication between Randy and I, so I created an Email Template in this file for this purpose.

I have blogged about this as well:  Keeping Track of Emails in your research

This is what I put in the Citation Detail:

23 Nov 2013; comments on Mamie _____; RandySeaverCV added this on 23 Nov 2013
 I used her Maiden Name, and not the name that Randy used. I put the text of what he said in the Citation Text field.

Russ, there is an AMT with Mamie Hickox as this Mamie. Also, the first two children of Berl Collins were not by Mamie, but the last 3 were. The first two children, Berl and Eva, were by his first wife Ruth A. Snearley. I wrote about her in a blog post a week or two ago. Thanks -- Randy 

Just to complete the process, I also copy and paste the dialog from the comments for Mamie into the Notes tab for this citation.

I also put the URL (Internet Address) to this specific comment. Over kill, maybe, but I do not know where I might want to see those comments again.

Only the Citation Detail will appear in the EndNote:

Randy Seaver,  to Russ Worthington, e-mail, 23 Nov 2013; comments on Mamie _____; RandySeaverCV added this on 23 Nov 2013, Randy Crowd Sourcing; privately held by Russ Worthington, Hackettstown, New Jersey 07840.
I will then Link this citation to the names of the six people mentioned. I try to break things down into bite size pieces or tasks. What will come next?

  • More detailed task or tasks by Person
  • Note in the Research log for that Person as research is done
  • Update the FTM2014 file as appropriate
  • Sync the file with the AMT
  • Follow Up Comment in the AMT

Copyright © 2013 by H R Worthington

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