Saturday, November 9, 2013

FTM2014 - Thought about Shaky Leaves

Today I want to work on a file, but I want to focus on the records that has on this file that I have in FTM2014. I want to go and harvest those "low hanging fruit" / hints that we see in both FTM2014 and the linked Ancestry Member Tree (AMT).

I see these shaky leaves in the People Workspace, Tree View.

In this view, there are 4 people with shaky leaves.What it doesn't show is what types of hints are there; how many each has, and who else might have hints. In other words, I want a work list for the task at hand. Of the 47 people in this file, WHO has hints.

What about a list that is in the AMT ?

I go to the Plan Workspace and click on the Link to the associated / linked AMT for this file.

 Clicking on that link in FTM2014 will take me to the AMT. Selecting "Tree Pages" and All Hints, I will see a list of all hints, from the AMT point of view.

This will bring up that list of people with hints.

Of the 47 people in this AMT (FTM2014 file) 29 people have hints. 29 hints from other Ancestry Member Trees, 34 are for Records on Ancestry, for a total of 63 Hints.

This list has the Name in the left column and the number of Hints in the right.

But, how to print that list. Simple, CTRL+P. I now have that ToDo list to work from. Since I printed it, I am going to mark it up. I'll start with the person with the most hints and work from there. BUT, I'll work on this from within FTM2014.

NOTE: Not all hints in the AMT will be in FTM2014. In the Tools, Options Menu, I do NOT show hints from other AMTs. I have them turned off for now.

I am off to look for those 34 Records and do a Web Merge as appropriate.
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