Friday, November 1, 2013

FTM2014 - How to handle a Surname out of order in Index

I saw this question on Facebook: 
When you have a name like....Van De Walker. Should it be entered in FTM like that or should it be VanDeWalker with no spaces? Not sure how the spaces effect searching
 Very good question, Here is how I would enter this info FTM2014. I'll start on the Plan Workspace, but the same can be done in the People Workspace.
 I just typed in George Van De Walker into the Name Field. Looks OK here so far. In the People Workspace it also looks right in the three places it will appear with the person as the focus perso
It's in the correct order in the index as well.
IF you enter such a Surname and it does NOT appear in the index correctly (out of order), go to the Right Hand Panel, and as you hover over the name Fact, an ICON will appear.
 That ICON is where you could add a Citation to the Name FACT. That's not what we want to do here. You want to put the Cursor into the Name field and an Edit ICON will appear.
You can also just do a CTRL+N to get this next screen.
 So, the Surname format is correct. 
I don't have an example of a Surname that isn't in the correct Sort Order in the Index, so I don't have an example of a surname that is not in the right order, but this is where you would correct the Surname.  
Here IS a common Surname Issue. That is, not showing up in the Index correctly. George Van De Walker 2nd
With Family Tree Maker, you use a comma for a suffix for Jr and NO comma for III or IV, etc, but what about 2nd?
 The Center Panel and Right Panel "look" correct, BUT the Index is NOT. If there were more surnames, if would be above the "A's" in the index. Clicking into the Name field as before, we see
 The "2nd" is in the Surname field, which is why it's showing up in the index incorrectly. To resolve this, you move the "2nd" and "Van De Walker" where they belong
 and the problem is resolved.
That last part of the question, about searching, is answered by looking at the Web Search Workspace.
 The Van De Walker is in the Surname field as it should.
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