Friday, November 15, 2013

FTM2014 - Publish - Sources, Undocumented Fact Report

In a recent blog post I mentioned that I had documented all of my Facts. I do this on a regular basis. I want to know, what Facts that I have entered that do not have a citation with them. The report is the Undocumented Source Report in the Publish Workspace. Select Source Report then Undocumented Facts.

This will bring up a list of Facts that do not have a Citation. I make sure that All Individuals have been selected in the right panel. If your list is long, like my main working file is, you can focus on certain people, using the filter commend.  We haven't always had this report, which is why my main file is longer than I would like.

The nice thing here is that I can correct this problem, right from this screen by double clicking on the NAME of the person.

This will bring up the Fact list for this person. On the Right, you will see that there are 0 Citations, 0 Media files, and 0 Notes for this fact. I want to correct that.

In looking at what I have, I know that the entry just above this fact has the Citation for the fact without a citation. Selecting that Citation, and the 2nd ICON is the Copy Citation ICON. Selecting that will create a special copy command for that Citation.

Going back to that Fact without a Citation, I select New, then Paste Link to Source Citation. That will paste that selected Citation into the Citation for this fact. IF those bottom two menu items are not active, then you do not have an active copy of a Citation to paste. It's always best to double check the results of that paste.

Back to the report.

All of the Facts in this file have a citation.
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